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2024 Computer Systems Upgrade


Thank you for the love!


We're grateful to our customers and community for your understanding and patience as we've completed our Computer Systems Upgrade.
We are excited to offer you a new and enhanced suite of banking products to meet your unique needs, paired with the personalized service you know and love.


"We are committed to offering our customers the most convenient and secure banking experience possible. Our investment in technology allows us to fulfill that commitment today and into the future."
Jon Dowst, CEO  |  Eric Leuteritz, President

Download our 2024 Computer Systems Upgrade Guide

We are committed to providing our customers with up-to-date information about the Computer Systems Upgrade. 
The following emails have been sent to customers before and after the upgrade was completed, and we will continue to post communications to keep our customers informed.

May 7, 2024

  • Penny, our Digital Assistant: AI-Generated Penny is happy to point you in the right direction! See Penny in the bottom right-hand corner of all our website pages.
  • Service Center: Our dedicated team is happy to help! Please contact the Service Center team at 978-556-5414 or

What to Expect
and When

A complete timeline of events 


Review changes to your accounts

Fee Schedule

Download the fee schedule effective May 6, 2024

All Pentucket Bank account numbers will remain the same. 
  • Interest from May 1 through May 3, 2024, will be paid on May 3, 2024. Interest earned May 4 through May 31, 2024, will be paid on May 31, 2024.
  • We will be standardizing the interest calculation method for all savings, NOW, and money market accounts. The interest calculation will be daily compounding and interest will continue to be paid monthly. 
Deposit statements and loan billing statements will have a new, more contemporary look.

Consumer and Business Online Banking Customers using Quicken and/or QuickBooks: Post upgrade, online account transaction history will be available with generic debit/credit descriptions. Be advised: Download/export your transactions to Quicken or QuickBooks prior to May 3, 2024. Your transactions details will remain available via the monthly account statements.
Protecting our customers and your money is at the heart of our business. Unfortunately, our industry often sees an increase in attempted fraud activity around the time of computer systems upgrades. Please note, Pentucket Bank will never ask you for your account number, pin, or debit card number over the phone. We will always ask identifying questions prior to any discussion regarding your accounts or services at Pentucket Bank. If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be calling from Pentucket Bank with these questions, please call us at 978-556-5414.

Pentucket Bank is happy to offer Rewards Checking, a new checking product that allows our valued customers to earn a premium, above-market rate, when qualifying activities are met. Rewards Checking supports customer goals – whether it’s to save or spend with confidence – while providing you the tools to bank easily and efficiently. Enjoy mobile banking, free online bill pay, money management, eStatements, and fully insured deposits.

Customers may enroll in Rewards Checking beginning Monday, May 6.

Our goal is to provide everything you need. To that end, we’ve added additional features and benefits through Online Banking and Mobile App.



As part of our systems upgrade, we have added a self-service function to our online banking system to manage external loan payments. Customers may take advantage of this program by enrolling in Online Banking and downloading Mobile App (pentucketbank.com/mobile-app)Navigate to the More Menu and select Loan Payment. You will be prompted to set up your external account and to initiate two micro deposits to verify account ownership and accuracy of the information. Once that has been completed, you may set up your recurring monthly payment(s).



Customers will enjoy ease and convenience of online mortgage statements. Similar to eStatements, customers may access mortgage statements through Online Banking. Saving on paper, saving on time!


Protect your account from a negative balance and any unwanted overdraft fees with Overdraft Line of Credit. Customers may enjoy a revolving credit line if approved. Application information will be available Monday, May 6 on pentucketbank.com. 

Our Business Banking customers will be supported by our Treasury Services team of specialists. Your online banking and mobile app will function as it does today. The program will be upgrading in the months to follow, and business online users will receive separate communication guiding them.
  • Treasury Services will be reaching out to set up individual appointments with those customers originating ACH transactions and processing wire transfers.
  • Customers with remote scanners will be contacted by Treasury prior to May 6, 2024, to get you moved.
WHY CAN'T I LOG INTO ONLINE BANKING? Please visit the pentucketbank.com to log in using the button in the top right corner of the homepage. Re-bookmark this page as your previously saved log in page is no longer valid.
HOW CAN I GET TRANSACTION DETAILS FROM BEFORE THE UPGRADE?  Account history in Online Banking and Mobile App is no longer available for download or viewing, however, you may reference your statements which reflect all account history through May 3, 2024. Your account history will populate and be displayed effective May 6, 2024.
WHY ISN'T MY ACCOUNT ACTIVITY FROM MAY 4 - MAY 5, 2024, SHOWING IN MY ACCOUNT? You may not yet see your weekend transactions reflected in your account balance. This includes any debit card or payment app transactions. As your account may be on a delay, please be mindful that your account balance may not reflect your true balance. 
I'M NOT SEEING MY ACCOUNT NICKNAME IN ONLINE BANKING. You may notice that some of your account nicknames did not transfer over. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Nicknames may be added at any time, please log into Online Banking to get started.
WHY IS BANKLING TELPHONE BANKING PROMPTING ME FOR A NEW PIN NUMBER AND ELECTRONIC ACCESS NUMBER? As a result of the upgrade, PIN numbers and Electronic Access Numbers have been revised. Your PIN should be the last four digits of your Social Security Number followed by the pound sign (#). Your Electronic Access Number should be your birthdate (MMDDYYYY) along with the last four digits of your Social Security Number and the pound sign (#). For example: 11122334444#. Find more information on Bankline here.
WHERE CAN I FIND PENTUCKET'S NEW PRODUCTS AND ACCOUNTS? Our systems upgrade has allowed us to offer enhanced products to our customers. Click the links below to learn more: 
Personal Checking and Savings | Business Checking & Savings

WHY IS PENTUCKET BANK COMPLETING A COMPUTER SYSTEMS UPGRADE? It’s part of an overall strategic initiative to continue to help our customers by offering you the most innovative banking products and services and maximizing service delivery.
WILL MY ACCOUNT NUMBER(S) STAY THE SAME? Yes. Pentucket Bank account number(s) will not change and will remain the same for all products you have with us.
MAY I CONTINUE TO USE MY CURRENT PENTUCKET BANK CHECKS AND DEPOSIT SLIPS? Yes. Your account information won't change, so your checks and deposit slips remain unchanged as well. 
MAY I CONTINUE TO USE MY EXISTING DEBIT CARD? Yes, you will not be issued a new card after the upgrade as your current card will continue to function as it always has.
WILL THERE BE A PERIOD OF TIME I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO MY FUNDS DUE TO THE SYSTEMS UPGRADE ON MAY 4 AND MAY 5, 2024? The funds in your account(s) will be available to you during the computer systems upgrade.

WILL MY CURRENT DIRECT DEPOSITS AND AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS BE AFFECTED? Since your account number is not changing, all current direct deposits or automatic drafts will continue to be processed normally and without interruption.
HOW DOES THE COMPUTER SYSTEMS UPGRADE AFFECT ONLINE BANKING AND BILL PAY? Your online banking and bill pay will be unavailable on May 4 and 5, 2024. If you have pending bill pay transactions, they will be processed as expected. If you are currently enrolled in automatic payments from an external (non-Pentucket Bank) bank account, you will need to register and initiate our new External Loan Payment service before the systems upgrade begins on Friday, May 3. See the "What's New: Enhanced Features for Individuals" tab above for instructions on how to register.
WILL I NEED TO RE-ENTROLL IN ESTATEMENTS? You will not need to re-enroll in eStatements. Your eStatements will not be interrupted during conversion. You will have access to 24 months of prior history.
BE A PERIOD OF TIME I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO MY FUNDS DUE TO THE SYSTEMS UPGRADE ON MAY 4 AND MAY 5, 2024? The funds in your account(s) will be available to you during the computer systems upgrade.
I'M CURRENTLY A RELATIONSHIP CHECKING CUSTOMER AND RECEIVED A LETTER ABOUT CHANGES TO MY ACCOUNT. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? All customers migrating from Relationship Checking to the new Premier Relationship Checking will be grandfathered with their current benefits, meaning no minimum balance requirements and no maintenance fees. Premier Relationship Checking is not an interest-bearing account, however, with this account, all new Certificates of Deposit (CD) opened after the systems upgrade will receive an interest rate bump over the published rate at the time of opening.
WHO SHOULD I CONTACT IF I HAVE QUESTIONS BEFORE, DURING, OR AFTER THE COMPUTER SYSTEMS UPGRADE? Our Service Center will happily assist you with any questions you may have. Service Center hours are Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., and Saturday 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. by phone 978-556-5414, or by email at operationsmail@pentucketbank.com. The Service Center will have extended hours following the computer systems upgrade.