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Coin and Currency Ordering

Coin and Currency Ordering through Pentucket Bank is a convenient service for businesses that require a supply of coins for their operations. Request a specific quantity and denomination of coins and currency to ensure you have what you need for transactions and change, in a safe and efficient way.



Request: Complete the Coin & Currency Ordering Form to place an order for the type and quantity of currency you need.

Processing: Orders are generally ready within an hour of your request. For orders requested after normal business hours, a banking representative will be in contact the next business day.

Pick Up Time and Location: Completed orders will be ready at your preferred Branch location. Our team will provide you with the requested currency in the denominations and quantities specific to your order.

Coin and Currency Ordering is reserved for Pentucket Bank customers only. We’re committed to serving our business customers with the tools and services to help you grow. Because we love your business, just as much as you do.