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The expertise of our Osaic Institutions Advisors, combined with our tools and services, can help you achieve your personal and business investment goals. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an advisor and develop a personally tailored financial plan:


Mutual Funds
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Mutual funds are an investment that can offer you diversification* and professional management. They pool together money from many investors and invest it on behalf of the group. Given the low investment minimums for most mutual funds, they can play an important role in creating an investment plan tailored to your financial goals. Pentucket Financial Services can help you create a portfolio based on your specific goals.

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Retirement planning can be overwhelming. Annuities may be an appropriate option to assist with this goal. They are offered and may be guaranteed by insurance companies. All guarantees are subject to the claims paying ability of the issuing company. Annuities can provide the benefit of tax deferred growth or even lifetime income. While some are fixed rate investments, others invest in the stock or bond market. Pentucket Financial Services can help you determine what strategy is appropriate for you and your situation.

Life Insurance
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Life insurance can be a very important consideration to your entire financial plan. There are many varieties of life insurance, either term, whole, or universal. Pentucket Financial Services can help you determine the type of insurance that will be best to help you achieve your goals as well as the amount of coverage you need to meet those goals, depending on your age and health.

Long-Term Care Insurance
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Long-term care insurance is designed to protect you and your family's financial security. It can offer care for you in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or even private care in your own home. Long-term care includes the assistance you could need if you ever have a chronic illness or a disability that leaves you unable to care for yourself for a prolonged period of time. Long-term care is assistance with any activities of daily living, which can include bathing, dressing, transferring, eating and continence. Long-term care can also include short term rehabilitation; for example, a three-month rehabilitation after a knee injury. Pentucket Financial Services can review your options and tailor a plan that meets your needs and your budget.

529 College Savings Plan
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529 College Savings Plans are a great way to save for the increasing costs of college expenses in the future. These plans offer tax benefits as well as high contribution limits. The 529 College Savings Plans consist of many different investment options that you can use. You should consider any state tax advantages or other benefits by investing in a plan sponsored with your home state. Pentucket Financial Services can help you determine what strategy is best for you.

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*Diversification is a method of controlling risk. It does not assure a profit or the avoidance of loss.

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