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What To Do When You Have a Lost or Stolen Debit Card

Summer is a great time for beach days, outdoor adventures and vacations. What if your fun is interrupted with your debit card lost or stolen? Here are some steps to take if you find yourself without your debit card.
1. Cancel your card to avoid unauthorized transactions
A lost or stolen debit card is inconvenient, and time is of the essence to report it before someone starts using it with your funds. Call your financial institution as soon as possible to report a lost/stolen debit card to protect your account against unauthorized transactions. Some institutions may have a feature that allows you to cancel your card through a Mobile App.

Pro Tip: Store important phone numbers for your financial institution on your phone so you can quickly access them should you ever need to.

Pentucket Bank Customers: With prompt reporting at Pentucket Bank, you will not be liable for any unauthorized transaction using your Debit Card (ATM/VISA Check card), when used for a point-of-sale transaction. Report a lost or stolen debit card 24/7, by calling one of the following numbers:
  • During Business Hours: (978) 372-7731
  • During non-Business Hours: (800) 528-2273

2. Get a new debit card
Most financial institutions will order your replacement card as you are reporting your lost/stolen card. You can usually expect to receive it within 10 business days. But being without a payment method, such as your debit card, can bring your summer fun plans to a halt pretty quickly. If you need to get a replacement card as soon as possible, check with your financial institution to determine if they offer instant-issue debit cards.

Pentucket Bank Customers: We are proud to offer instant-issue debit cards at all of our branch locations! Simply visit during regular branch hours and walk out in minutes with your new card.

3. Update your accounts and mobile apps
Automatic payments and stored card information are very convenient, but they won’t work when your old card information is no longer valid. Once you have a replacement debit card, make sure to update the new number across all your accounts, including your mobile wallet. This will ensure that your next recurring payment is processed without issue and you can check-out quickly when you’re shopping on your favorite mobile app.

At Pentucket Bank we offer a full-suite of convenience services, such as instant-issue Debit Cards, Online Banking, Mobile App, and Money Management, that compliment your deposit accounts and help you stay on track with your financial goals. We are a local community bank with branches in Haverhill, MA, North Andover, MA, Salem, NH and Hampstead, NH. Want personalized service coupled with great accounts and convenience services? Send us an email or call one of our branches today, and see how well our accounts and online services match up with your banking needs.