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Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

With winter in full swing in the New England area, it's important to winterize your car for a few reasons. Having a poorly maintained vehicle when the weather is not ideal can easily lead you to double-trouble. Keeping up with routine maintenance can help your vehicle running well year-round, but is especially important when the weather gets rough-it can save you headaches and money in the long run. Below are some tips to prepare your vehicle for winter driving. 

1. Change your oil

Before the bad weather hits it is important to make sure your oil is fresh. Old oil can cause problems especially in cold weather. Also be sure to change the oil filter as well.

2. Speaking of filters...

Might as well change all the other filters in your vehicle as well. This includes air, fuel, and PCV filters. With the compromised air, your engine will run poorly, thus burning more gasoline. Ultimately costing you more money.

3. Use fuel deicer

Putting this into your tank once per month when the weather drops below freezing will help keep moisture from causing freezes in the fuel line. Another way to prevent this is to keep your tank filled at least half way during cold weather.

4. Get winter tires

Or at the very least, get rid of your old, bald tires. Not only are they a hazard to you but other drivers as well. Older tires have an extremely tough time in snow and other weather; you want the most control of the road you can get.

5. Replace old wiper blades

Another one that’s important not only for yourself but others as well. Purchase winter specific blades to help battle ice buildup. Also, don’t forget to have plenty of windshield fluid on hand; the salt from roads will cause a lot of debris to end up on the windshield, hindering your view even more.

6. Have your brakes checked

It’s a good idea to get your brakes checked anytime of the year, but with poor weather on the horizon there is never a better time as now. Your brakes will see heavy use this winter, especially as the conditions worsen.

7. If you do get stranded...

Always prepare for the worst. If you do find yourself in a tough situation you will be much safer. That means having extra boots, blankets, gloves, flares, a shovel and a flashlight. Also, having an extra cell phone battery or charging system can come in handy when stranded to find help.

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