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Mobile Check Deposit

Pentucket Mobile Check Deposit allows you to deposit checks from the Pentucket Bank mobile App into your Checking or Money Market account.

This will save you trips to the ATM or Branch.


By allowing you to make deposits with just a few taps and camera snaps.


The App uses cutting-edge security features to protect you and the Bank’s sensitive financial information.


Click here for a list of frequently asked questions.
Click here for the User Agreement.

You must be a registered user for the Pentucket Bank Mobile App for your iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phone or Tablet.

Helpful Hints

Already a Mobile Check Deposit User? Great! Please remember these helpful hints to ensure a smooth mobile deposit process:

  • Endorse the check as you would for a regular Branch deposit
  • Write "Mobile Deposit" underneath your endorsement
  • Double check your image to make sure the information is legible
  • Review the front of the check before imaging to make sure it is filled out completed and signed by the payer
  • Mobile deposits made after 3:00 p.m. will be processed on the next business day
  • the Payee on the check must be a signer on the account in which the deposit is being made
  • Post-dated checks are not accepted 
Carrier data rates may apply.